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◆Tokyo Disneyland (7AM-9PM)

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Experience stress-free adventures and relaxation with our comprehensive babysitting services at Tokyo Disneyland. Whether enjoying rides, exploring the park, or attending special events, our experienced babysitters provide personalized care for your child.

Our sitters can assist with meals, snacks, water, diapers, restroom breaks, stroller naps, or walking a baby around in a carrier.

If kids get antsy in line, can't agree on the next ride, or if a baby is sleeping in a stroller, our sitters can entertain them, take them on a different ride, or walk around with the sleeping baby. If your child gets tired, our sitters can take them back to your hotel and continue the care there, ensuring they rest comfortably while you enjoy the rest of your day.

Benefit from hassle-free logistics, multilingual support, and flexible scheduling, ensuring a seamless experience for the whole family.

Rest assured knowing your child is in capable hands while you make the most of your time at Tokyo Disneyland.

All services are customizable to your family!

Duties Include  :

- Accompanying child to desired attractions and family activities within Tokyo Disneyland
- Offering care and supervision within the park or hotel premises, as per the customer's request
- Providing engaging activities and entertainment for the child, including age-appropriate attractions
- If needed, wind-down time or nap time
- Feeding lunch, dinner, and snacks
- Assisting with meals and bathroom breaks
- Stroller pushing and family photo taking
- Translation and transportation support within the park
- If needed, taking a tired child back to the hotel for continued care

Price Details :

- Travel Fee (Per day): $20
- Base Rate One Child : $28 per hour
- Additional Child : $10 per hour

*Please note that the cost of the babysitter's theme park admission ticket is the responsibility of the user and should be purchased in advance.

Additional Info :

If you need any of the following services, please submit a request through the 'request to book' in advance:

  • Services lasting more than 14 hours
  • Services needed after 9PM
  • Services involving four or more children
  • Services requiring a non-English speaking babysitter
  • Booking within 24 hours