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☆ Holiday Night ☆ 2 Children (4PM-2AM)

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Embark on stress-free adventures and relaxation with our comprehensive babysitting services tailored to your needs in Japan. 

Whether exploring the city, enjoying theme parks, having a date night, or attending business events, our experienced babysitters ensure personalized care for your children. 

From hassle-free logistics to multilingual support, we provide seamless experiences for your family, allowing you to focus on making memories.

Trust us to provide professional care while you indulge in your activities, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable time for everyone involved.

*All services are customizable to your family!

Duties Include :

- Accompanying children to desired destinations and family outings
- Offering care and supervision within the hotel premises or nearby areas, as per the customer's request
- Providing engaging activities and entertainment for the children
- Feeding breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks
- Assist with meals and bathroom breaks
- Stroller pushing and family photo taking
- Translation and transportation support for outings to tourist destinations
- If needed, tired children can be taken back to the accommodation for care
- Preparing for bedtime and putting to sleep
- Riding age appropriate attractions (Theme Park)

Include Price Details :

- Holiday Fee: $50
- Travel Fee (Per day): $20

- Base Rate One Child : $38 per hour
- Additional Child : $10 per hour

*If the babysitting service extends beyond public transportation hours, we kindly request that you cover the taxi fare from the sitting location to the babysitter's residence.

Night time Rate (After 9:00PM~):

- Night Time Rate Two Children : $48 per hour
- Additional Child : $12 per hour

Additional Info :

If you need any of the following services, please submit a request through the 'request to book' in advance:

  • Babysitting outside of Tokyo
  • Services lasting more than 6 hours
  • Services needed after 2 AM
  • Services involving four or more children
  • Services requiring a non-English speaking babysitter
  • Booking within 24 hours