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About Us

Rainbow Kids Care was born out of our deep passion for Japan, our home country, and our current residence in California. Founded by Mai and Emi, who, as mothers themselves, knew the joys and challenges of exploring a foreign country with little ones. Our personal struggles with navigating Japanese train stations and savoring authentic meals while attending to our children's needs sparked the idea for Rainbow Kids Care.

Our mission is clear: we are here to ensure your children's safety and happiness by providing exceptional English-speaking babysitters. Our goal is to turn family travel into a delightful and stress-free experience. With strong dedication, we transform the challenges of travel into moments of joy and relaxation.

Experience Rainbow Kids Care, where your family's adventures become unforgettable memories. Say goodbye to travel worries and step into a world of fun and relaxation. Welcome to a new era of stress-free family travel with Rainbow Kids Care. Your journey begins here.

Reserve your babysitter to make your family's travel memorable and worry-free.

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