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Should you bring a stroller to Japan?

Should you bring a stroller to Japan?

When it comes to exploring Japan with young children, deciding whether to bring a stroller can be a significant decision. Our advice? Consider bringing it along!

Why? Japan's cities are incredibly pedestrian-friendly and offer a wealth of cultural experiences. However, let's face it, little ones can tire quickly—especially after a long flight.

Choose a lightweight, easy-to-handle stroller. Japan's narrow and bustling streets make compactness essential. Having a portable stroller can greatly simplify navigating busy train stations or exploring crowded attractions.

From personal experience, I strongly recommend avoiding rush hour trains when traveling with kids in Japan. The crowds can be overwhelming and uncomfortable for both you and your little ones.

Don't have a lightweight stroller? No problem! Rental services are available at airports and train stations across Japan, offering convenient solutions for travelers.

Whether you bring your own stroller or rent one, ensuring your family's comfort while getting around will enhance your Japan adventure. So, feel free to explore Japan's incredible landscapes and cultural treasures with ease!