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We have compiled frequently asked questions about Rainbow Kids Care's services.

About the Babysitter

Q:What qualifications do your babysitters have for child safety?

A: Our babysitters have childcare experience, clean backgrounds, and CPR/First Aid certifications to prioritize your child's safety. Your family's well-being is our top priority.

Q:Can the babysitters speak languages other than English?

A:We have babysitters who speak different languages, including Japanese, Korean, Chinese, French, Spanish, German, and more. Please let us know your language preference when booking.

Q:What age groups of children do your babysitters care for?

A:Our childcare services are available for children as young as 1 year old to 17 years old.

Booking a Babysitter

Q:What is the capacity for the number of children you can care for?

A:Each babysitter is capable of caring for up to two family members. If your family consists of more than two siblings or if you are traveling with friends, please specify this in the message field of the request form. We will make every effort to match you with a babysitter who can accommodate three children, or alternatively, we can arrange for additional sitters as needed.

Q:When is the best time to make a booking?

A:We recommend booking once you have your date(s), start time(s), and duration in mind, preferably after securing your hotel reservation.

Q:Can I make last minute booking, and what is the minimum advance notice required?

A:We usually require a minimum of 24 hours' notice for babysitter bookings. However, for last-minute requests, we'll make every effort to accommodate your needs.

Q:What are the working hours for the babysitters?

A:Our babysitters have flexible hours, including early mornings, late evenings, and overnight care, to accommodate your needs

Q:Will the same babysitter be assigned for the entire duration of my requested schedule?

A:Our goal is to assign the same babysitter to your schedule whenever possible. Providing all the times at once is greatly appreciated.

Q:Can I extend my booking on the same day if I'll be returning later than planned?

A:If the babysitter's schedule is available, extensions are possible. If you wish to extend, please check with the babysitter as soon as possible.

Q:Is there a provision for discounts in the event of early returns before the scheduled appointment time?

A:We maintain consistent billing based on the originally reserved time, regardless of early returns.

Child Care Service

Q: What is the designated meeting location for the babysitter?

A:The designated meeting locations for the babysitter are either your hotel or the theme park.

Q:Can the babysitter take my children swimming?

A:In the interest of your children's safety, our babysitters are unable to accompany them for swimming activities.

Q:How should I give the babysitter instructions?

A:Your babysitter will be aware of your general expectations from the information you provided during the reservation. You'll have a form to fill out with detailed instructions. We suggest scheduling the sitter to arrive 15 minutes early to review your instructions before you leave.

Q:Do babysitters provide food?

A:The babysitter will offer pre-approved meals. If you want them to buy meals for your child, discuss it and pay for expenses in cash. For food allergies, please prepare meals yourself.